Sunday 22 February 2015

The Russians are coming

The Russians got their first outing against my brothers Teutonic Knights. These are new armies for both of us, with lots of heavy cavalry in each army. Think its going to be a quick battle as both armies charge into each other.

Showing off before the battle

The Teutonics deploy in two commands, one on each flank

The Russians charge out to meet them

We played the game using the new tournament amendments. The cropped up a couple of times. Firstly the Teutonic light cavalry fails its evasion roll and gets destroyed by the Russian cavalry. Secondly the Support rule helps the Russian cavalry grind it out with the Brother Knights.

Eventually the Russian foot make a triple move and manage to flank the Bishops Knights. They win the combat destroying them and breaking the command and the army. Result is a Russian victory.

The game was played on a piece of grey felt that had a couple of white cans of paint sprayed over it, Quite happy with the result, think it will look great when we have finished some winter terrain and base camps to go on it.

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