Tuesday 30 December 2014

Christmas trio of games

Managed to get three games of Impetus in over the Christmas Holidays.

Game One
First game went for the classic Punic war match-up. I played Roman, my brother Carthaginian.
Classic Roman deployment with legions in the centre, cavalry on the wings.

The Carthaginian centre with heavy infantry and elephants.

Unbelievably the Carthaginian General gets promoted and the Roman General demoted on the same term. Is it an omen or over-confidence?

Light Cavalry clash on the wings.

Roman legion smashes through the Spanish Infantry breaking their command.

Roman general contemplates his victory.

Game Two
I went with the same Roman army against a later Macedonian  army.
Macedonian Phalanx ready to meet the Roman Legions

View of the centre before both lines clash.

This time the Roman legions cant the impact on the dense wall of pikes who steam roll over them and break the Romans.

Game Three
This time my brother played the Romans and i went with a later Seleucid army.

Pikes, elephants and scythed chariots, whats not to like.

Roman Legions advance forward.

A little duel develops on the flank where Seleucid light infantry stop the Romans from outflanking them.

The scythed chariot charges forward to glory only to be destroyed by a storm of pilums.

The elephant manages to flank one of the Roman units who advance to far forward. This is the only casualty that the Macedonians cause and the battle ends a draw.

At the end of three fun and close fought battles the honour remains even with one win, one loss and a draw each.

Saturday 13 December 2014

Impetus Battle Report

Managed another game of Impetus against my brother. Huns vs Late Romans.

Charge, a Frankish Warband pours over the hill.

The Hand of God hovers over the Roman battle line. Is it a good or bad omen?

Hun Light Cavalry advance on the Roman's.

Roman Cavalry work the right flank.

Goth Cavalry prepare to charge in the centre.

The Roman General in the middle of the battle fails to make an impact as the Roman battle line falters.

The battle ends in a draw, however it would have been a victory for the Huns if i had been able to finish off either one of the two Roman cavalry units that ended the battle on 1 VBU each.

Close fun game, hopefully i will be able to get some more in over the holidays.

Sunday 7 December 2014

WW2 German Gebirgsjagers

Finished a couple of squads of German Gebirgsjagers for Bolt Action. Based them on scenic snow bases. Figures from Black Tree Designs.