Wednesday 9 December 2015

SAGA battle report

Managed to get 2 games of SAGA in over the weekend against my brothers Normans. 5 points my Vikings against his Normans. First game was a straight up Kill the Warlord scenario.

Initial deployments.

Hearthguard ready for action.

Normans move off the hill.

Sneaky Bezerkers hiding.

Norman knights gearing up to charge.

Battle lines about to clash.

ODIN!!! Victorious bezerkers see off the Norman Warlord.

Second game was the Sacred Ground scenario.

Vikings make an early rush to the hill to start scoring victory points.

Gulp, Normans prepare to remove me from the hill.

Ouch, the melee didn't go so well.

Bezerkers strike again.

Finished off by a crossbow, that's no way for a viking to die, victory goes to the Normans.

Also managed to finish of my final point of Bondi.

After seeing this thread i have been inspired to have a go myself and have bought one of the Revell viking ship kits. Bit nervous has i am getting to the point when i am going to try and waterline her, got myself a circular saw blade for my Dremel that should do the job, will keep you updated.

Thursday 26 November 2015

More Hearthguard

Completed 1 more point of Hearthguard for my SAGA Vikings. That just leave 1 more point of Bondi and i will have the full 6 points painted.
Managed to get the first game in against my brothers Normans the other weekend. Spent most of the game trying to learn the new rules. Think we got most of it right. Really enjoyed it, seemed fast and lots to think about with the battleboards. Plan to get a few games in over the festive period,

Also completed some ancient Lusitanian's  for a commission.

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Frostgrave Commission

I have just completed painting some of the Frostgrave figures, including some of their Wizards as well as a box of their plastic henchmen.

Wizards and their apprentices.

Some of the metal henchmen.

A box of plastic henchmen.

Saturday 31 October 2015

Who dares enter the Caverns of Doom

I have finished my first Frostgrave warband. It is inspired by D&D evil types so i have a Mindflayer for the wizard with a Beholder as an apprentice. Various Dark Elves as followers and some Rust Monsters as Warhounds.
Wanted to give them an underground feel so modeled some stalagmites on the bases. Already had a tester game at my local club - North Oxfordshire Wargaming, hopefully we will get a campaign up and running soon.

On the commission front i have also finished another starter set for Beyond the Gates of Antares, this time the Concord.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

SAGA progression 2

Finished of another point of Bondi for my growing SAGA viking warband.

Managed to get a 4 point warband painted and my brother has started on his Norman warband. The plan is to get our first games in over the Christmas holidays. In an effort to try and get an early psychological advantage I  have gathered my forces together for a group shot.

Monday 5 October 2015

Beyond the Gates of Antares 1

As part of a commission i have finished the Algoryn starter set for "Gates of Antares" from Warlord.
Still got some more to come that i will post up later.

Friday 18 September 2015

Monday 7 September 2015


Finished the berserkers for my growing SAGA warband. Just got to finish another point of Bondi and i will have a 4 point warband painted.

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Terminator Genisys

The other commission i have been busy with recently is painting up the mini's for the new Terminator Genisys game from Warlord.

The Resistance


Also managed to get a game in over the Bank Holiday. This time it was a Punic Wars match up. We played in the evening and the light was really poor so i didn't manage to get any good photos. Its a good thing as it was another loss as my Roman Legions crumbled away.

It all started off so well with my Romans in nice ordered lines.

Night Fighting.

With a couple of commissions completed i am going to try and finish off some mini's for myself. I have some Viking berserkers for my SAGA project prepped and ready to go.

Monday 31 August 2015

Saxon Miniatures

Just finished a commission painting up some of the figures from Saxon Miniatures. Lovely figures and easy to paint. Tempted to get some for myself but i have to stay focused and finish my Vikings.

Arthurian Warlords

Saxon Warlords

Sunday 2 August 2015

Beware the Beholder

All the buzz around Frostgrave has me remembering my fantasy roots, so i have decided to paint up some miniatures. I have started with a Reaper Beholder. Think it could be used as a wondering monster but i am drawn to the idea of using it as an apprentice for my Warband of Ultimate Evil.

Saga progression

Steadily working on my SAGA Viking Warband. My brother has settle on the Normans and i have finished my Warlord and a group of Bondi to take it up to 2 points worth. Most of the new figures are from Foundry, the horn player behind the Warlord is from Gripping Beast. Shield transfers and banner from lbms.



Group shot

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Impetus Battle Report

Played a game of Impetus with my brother over the weekend. 300 point Hun vs Late Romans. It was one of those games where everything seemed to be going right till the last round when it all fall apart and i lost the game. On top of that the light was not very good so i did'nt manage to get many photos.

Strong roman battle line in the centre.

Franks advancing on the flank, shame they could'nt even manage to defeat a unit of light infantry.

Hun cavalry working the other flank.

The victorious Roman cavalry that did all the damage. In two turns managed to defeat my Hun CM and burst through and mop up two more damaged units i had retired to the rear. Normally these are a difficult unit to use right but this game my brother held them back till the very end then released them to attack my already damaged units.

As well as gaming i have finished a painting commission of some ancient Persian cavalry. Pretty flashy chaps with lots of bright colours and patterns.

Wednesday 15 July 2015

SAGA beginings

Me and my brother have just decided to start playing SAGA. I know we are pretty late to the party but its better late than never. My brother is still deciding which faction to start but for me the decision was easy, its got to be the Vikings.

Here is my first finished point of Hearthguard.
From left to right we have a Warlord special, couple of Foundry and the lovely Lathgertha is from the Dice Bag Lady. Shield transfers from LBMS.