Wednesday 9 December 2015

SAGA battle report

Managed to get 2 games of SAGA in over the weekend against my brothers Normans. 5 points my Vikings against his Normans. First game was a straight up Kill the Warlord scenario.

Initial deployments.

Hearthguard ready for action.

Normans move off the hill.

Sneaky Bezerkers hiding.

Norman knights gearing up to charge.

Battle lines about to clash.

ODIN!!! Victorious bezerkers see off the Norman Warlord.

Second game was the Sacred Ground scenario.

Vikings make an early rush to the hill to start scoring victory points.

Gulp, Normans prepare to remove me from the hill.

Ouch, the melee didn't go so well.

Bezerkers strike again.

Finished off by a crossbow, that's no way for a viking to die, victory goes to the Normans.

Also managed to finish of my final point of Bondi.

After seeing this thread i have been inspired to have a go myself and have bought one of the Revell viking ship kits. Bit nervous has i am getting to the point when i am going to try and waterline her, got myself a circular saw blade for my Dremel that should do the job, will keep you updated.