Wednesday 27 May 2015

WW2 Germans

Another side project i have been working on when i have a bit of time and feel like a change is some opponents for my 82nd Airborne, some Late War German SS.  Figures are from Warlord Games. Not sure if my camo is 100% accurate but i am happy with the result.

Samurai - Wave 2

Completed some more Perry samurai for an ongoing commission, this time Spearmen.

Tuesday 5 May 2015


Latest commission has been a group of Samurai by Perry Miniatures. Lovely miniatures to paint as you would expect coming from the Perry's. Now just have to resist the temptation to start my own samurai project, I have enough on the go as it is.

I have tried to make them look like a group while giving them individual tunics, trousers etc. The Mon is the clients own design.