Sunday 28 June 2015

Forgeworld Mortarion

Been busy recently painting up Mortarion from Forgeworld. Bit of a change for me as i don't play 40K, but i do like some of the models. The detail on the model was amazing and great to paint, i particularly like the idea of a display base and a gaming base on these centrepiece models, think it shows them off well.

Tried out using some weathering powders on the armor and base to age it, think it turned out rather well.

Saturday 20 June 2015

The Blackadder Commission

Just finished a Blackadder themed commission. One of the things i like about painting minis for other people is that sometimes you end up painting minis you would have never bought for yourself. These were a blast to paint.

First up is Blackadder and friends from The Assault Group.

Next is some WWI characters from Scarab Miniatures.

Monday 8 June 2015

Early Saxon Warlord

Just finished the early Saxon Warlord and Standard Bearer from Musketeer Miniatures, although i think they are now Footsore Miniatures. Beautiful sculpts either way.

The flag is printed and then painted over. I have it blowing in the wind towards the front of the base to line up with all the sculpting  and hair on the models. I usually always seem to have my flags flying backwards, which i think most gamers do.

The grass tufts are the first homegrown ones using my new flock box.