Sunday 30 November 2014

W40K Chaos Terminators

Just finished some classic metal W40K Chaos Nurgle Terminators destined for ebay.


54mm Andrea Miniatures Spiderman painted and based. Really like the dynamic pose of the character and scenic base, captures some of the movement of spiderman brilliantly.

Sunday 23 November 2014

More WW2

Just finished another squad of WW2 British. Figures by Black Tree Designs.

Something a bit different next. I have painted some model planes as a Christmas Present for a friend. They are a 1/72 Spitfire and Me109 by Airfix. A bit of a blast from the past for me as i haven't built a plane kit since childhood. Even today i managed to get glue every where so god knows how i managed as a kid. Mounted them on a wooden display base to show them off.

Sunday 16 November 2014

82nd Airborne

I have been busy in my spare time painting up the beginnings of a small force for Bolt Action. Have chosen to paint up Offensive Miniatures US Paratroopers as the 82nd Airborne. The patches are waterslide transfers from Warlord Games.

They have not seen any action on the tabletop yet, will keep you posted. I have enjoyed the first couple of games of Bolt Action i have played. I am not to interested in tournament play but look for a fun system to share a couple of hours gaming with, like the activation dice for initiative as it adds an element of tension into the game.

Here are the first two squads with commander


Just finished some Anglo Danish Huscarls from Gripping Beast. Awesome sculpts that we have come to expect, particularly like the figures swinging their axes overhead, lots of movement. You get a sense of how lethal these guys must have been in real life.

Figures destined for ebay.