Wednesday 29 July 2015

Impetus Battle Report

Played a game of Impetus with my brother over the weekend. 300 point Hun vs Late Romans. It was one of those games where everything seemed to be going right till the last round when it all fall apart and i lost the game. On top of that the light was not very good so i did'nt manage to get many photos.

Strong roman battle line in the centre.

Franks advancing on the flank, shame they could'nt even manage to defeat a unit of light infantry.

Hun cavalry working the other flank.

The victorious Roman cavalry that did all the damage. In two turns managed to defeat my Hun CM and burst through and mop up two more damaged units i had retired to the rear. Normally these are a difficult unit to use right but this game my brother held them back till the very end then released them to attack my already damaged units.

As well as gaming i have finished a painting commission of some ancient Persian cavalry. Pretty flashy chaps with lots of bright colours and patterns.

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