Wednesday 18 February 2015

Next Impetus Army

Been working hard in my spare time to finish off my next Impetus Army. Rather then paint up units in drips and drabs for the first time i planned out what units i wanted and bought only the minis i needed in one go. It worked out well and didn't leave me with loads of left over lead or half finished projects.

Rather than show any WIP photos, i though i would hold off and go for a grand reveal.  So here they are - Alexander Nevsky Medieval Russians. The figures are all from Gripping Beast. My brother has been busy painting up some Teutonic Knights as opponents. We have our first game planned soon, so i have just managed to paint them in time. Still have a base camp and some snow themed terrain to build.

Nevsky and sub-commanders

The heavy metal - Mounted Druzhina

Allied Steppe Cavalry

Dismounted Druzhina and Smerd

Lets hope they get off to a victorious start, i will keep you posted.