Monday 28 April 2014

Punic War Battle Report

Managed to get another game in over the weekend with my Brother. This time a Punic War match up with my brother as the Romans and me as the Carthaginians.

Roman deployment. (Legions as large units rather than using line relief.)

Carthaginian deployment.

First couple of moves went pretty fast as we closed into combat. Turn 3 turned into a bloodbath as i unleashed my Gauls. The following turn a followed up with my Libiyan Veterans and managed to cause major damage to the Roman Lines. I came close to breaking them, I just needed to follow up a combat against a legion on 1 VBU, Of cause i rolled a 1 and the opportunity was lost.

Next turn the Romans won the Initiative and a unit of Triarii seemed to come out of nowhere. They started out with multiple moves to reach my veterans, won the combat, followed up and then destroyed them. The game ended in a draw with both Armies breaking.

Pesky Triarii -

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