Sunday 2 March 2014

Huns vs Late Romans

Managed to get a game in over the weekend, Actually managed to win this game and in the excitement i forgot to take many photos.

Managed to get a couple of shots as my Gothic allied cavalry is about to hit the Romans. Eventually the Goth command routed but did manage to create enough damage on the Roman left. The Roman commander went on some gallant but foolish cavalry charge and got surrounded by Hun light cavalry and was slowly turned into a pin cushion. Eventually my main command managed to do enough damage to force the Romans to rout.

Opening moves.

The Goth cavalry about to charge home.

Final positions.


  1. Great Miniatures and game! - looks like full or Basic Impetus rule sets used for the game or should I say your victory? :o)


  2. Thanks Phil, used Full Impetus, really enjoy the games, fast, fluid and always seem to have a pivotal moment or two.