Friday 14 February 2014


Managed to get a 2nd game in against my brother. I used the same army, this time he used Imperialists. I was the defender and set up a defensive line, with my 2nd command out wide ready to flank round.. The Imperialists move some terrain to screen their flank and set up on a narrow front.The game started well, with me winning the early skirmish battle and stripping away some of his T - shooters.
When my knights managed to get into combat disaster struck. I rolled a 6 on the cohesion test, used a dice of destiny and re-rolled a 6. Thing got worse on the death of a commander roll and that entire command routed of the table.
In the final round i managed to flank one of his pike and score enough points for the result to be a mutual break. Not the decisive victory i was hopeing for, but its an improvement from the last game.

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