Tuesday 28 January 2014

First game of the year

The first game of the year ends in utter defeat. I am very fortunate in having a regular gaming partner in my brother, and over the years honours are pretty even. However a total rout like still stings and i will have to have my revenge next time we play.

The game was Impetus using my brothers Italian Wars collection. I played Italian Coalition and my brother the French. I was the defender and deployed my 2 commands over a wide front. My brother then deployed his French on a narrow front.

The game started well for me with my first General winning the initiative with a double 6 and being promoted to Fair. However in classic Impetus style my other General rolled double 1 and was demoted to Incompetent and unable to move that turn.

Next turn my brother grabbed the initiative and continued to advanced aggressively up the table. His A class Swiss pike managed a triple move and proceeded to chew up my 2nd Command that so far hadn't managed a move.
Over the next couple of turns a melee developed in the middle of the table where i manged to grab a couple of victory points. however i eventually routed and victory went to the French.

Well played to my brother who handled the French well, he used them aggressively and i felt i was on the back foot for the whole game.

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