Sunday 19 April 2015


Like a lot of people i have been impressed with the release of Blucher by Sam Mustafa. So much so that i have begun painting some 6mm Austrians. This is a bit of a departure fore me as i usually paint 28mm for my own figures. I even own some 28mm Russians but i could never create the grand scale i am looking for with Napoleonic s without a massive investment.

Blucher seems to be the answer, with a brigade level game and the change in scale feels right to me, and the rules move along swiftly which is something else i like. The 6mm figures have been easy to paint up as i am not worrying about every detail insted im going for the impression on mass.

The figures i have chosen are from Adler and the unit stats are magnetic from Sally 4th


  1. These look great and I was just wandering did you use a ratio to determine how many 6mm figures to use, or did you just go with what looks good?



    1. Thanks Al.
      I went with what looked good and had the right feel.


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